Patrick Curry to Manage Investor Relations

Canfield, OH, Release: January 27th, 2020.

Alliance Credit has selected Patrick Curry as its Director of Investor Management to oversee loan sales and capital requirements for the company’s expanding retail finance program.

The longtime Louisville, KY resident is a mortgage banking veteran and advocate for the use of off-site construction as a solution to affordable housing.  Curry’s experience includes serving as the President and founder of a regional mortgage banking firm and most recently managing a GSE supported program to promote lending, homeownership counseling and homebuyer education for factory-built homebuyers.

As the Director of Investor Management, Pat will be in charge of securing investments from banks, credit unions and mission-driven investment funds focused on supporting affordable and sustainable homeownership.

“Pat’s industry experience and history of accomplishments that made him the right fit for the job but it’s his character and ability to connect with people across the industry that made him the right fit for our organization”, said Rob James Jr., President/CEO of Alliance Credit.  “The demand for affordable housing has never been greater, and while off-site construction is still a small segment of the housing industry, we see significant growth opportunities ahead and so we are glad to have Pat onboard.”

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